Merimbula Market August 2022                                                                            
Information Sheet No. 51
Focus Group
It maybe winter but already things are beginning to grow and change.
We are trying to improve the handling of waste at the market and need to be moving to an eco-friendlier regime for food and drinks containers as well as ensuring multiple use of plastic containers. Long part of our Terms and Conditions, this helps our environment significantly.
We will be running the New Year Eve market again this year, see below & watch for updates.
July’s market was predictably small around 50 stalls and relatively quiet. Weather did us fine and later wind gusts were mild, a nice winter’s day.
Merimbula Monthly Market July 2022 - June 2023 retains best aspects & tweaks some others.
Preferred stallholder name tags remain on your favourite site to guide your booking.  Contact us to become a ‘preferred stallholder’.
It is your responsibility to Secure your sites.
Market 23 TryBooking code is
Stallholder Enabling Package (SHEP) offers a range of services to assist a limited number of casual stallholders attend the market & receive Public Liability Insurance cover.
Merimbula New Year Eve Market 22 We are pleased to announce the NYE market again this year will be on Saturday 31st December at Ford Park. Join us for a fun filled day 10:00 to 15:00.                 
Keep a diary note as bookings will open on Monday 3rd October.
NYE Market 22 TryBooking code is
Safety & Wellbeing. Be aware of the environment & weather & report any hazards to Rotary.
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What else are we offering?
First Aid Contact trained staff at Rotary stall or Market phone Safety First with First Aid.
Buskers All welcome & spaces available                  Exploit your talent for loose change.
Breakfast service Bacon & egg Rolls a favourite     Our community profits from your delights.
Natural break Call 0429 855 623 Rotary volunteer  We’ll stand-in while you pop-out.
Wishing well fund-raising Your donations are         Rebuilding a Resilient & Safer Community.
Terms & Conditions     “We all have our time machines, don't we? Those that take us back are memories...And those that carry us forward, are dreams.” HG Wells                                Read our terms on the website.
Enquiries to Market Manager 0429 855 623 &