At a recent Board Meeting the following payments were approved from the donations made at the wishing wells at our monthly markets:
  • February Market - Tonga Disaster Relief Fund – Club matched donations and funds of $5,000 have been made to RAWCS.
  • March Market - NSW/Queensland Flood Relief Fund, donations of $1,853 were collected and a payment of $2,000 will be paid to RAWCS.
  • April Market - Ukrainian Humanitarian Relief Aid Appeal – Donations of $3,391 to be rounded up and a payment of $3,500 will be paid to RAWCS.
  • May/June Market - Unfortunately, due to inclement weather our May market was cancelled.  Wishing well funds of $1,000 from our June market will be donated to the Animal Welfare Far South Coast.
  • July Market - Donations of $1,000 were collected and these have been made to Escabags.  A further $1,000 was donated to Escabags from Club funds.
A huge thank you to our wonderful visitors for your tremendous generosity, these donations will be greatly appreciated by the recipients of these worthy causes.