Following the closure of the Evacuation Centres in Bega and Merimbula, linen and bedding donated to the centres was thoughtfully stored by Anglicare for future use. After being approached by one of our members, Anglicare kindly provided the linen so that it could be put back into service.
Over the last two weeks, members of the Rotary Club of Merimbula, with assistance from members of Marine Rescue Merimbula, retrieved the linen and bedding, then washed, sanitised, sorted and packed what was suitable to re-use into packs (made by the team) for distribution to those in need.  When it was announced at our Rotary meeting that pillows could not be re-used, one member of our Club immediately offered to donate 40 new pillows which he purchased and made available for distribution the following day.
Two of the first packs went to Lazarus, a donated caravan, allocated to a resident of Kiah who lost her home in the fire.
Congratulations and thanks to all who pitched in to help, particularly to our newest member, Shane, and his wife Maria (and their daughter, Tabitha, who subsequently joined Rotary after this experience of helping Rotary) who converted their garage to a sweat shop to enable this to happen, to Martyn and Patricia from Rotary, to Heather and Maggie from Marine Rescue and to Janet Brandon and Peter Charlton from Anglicare.
A huge thank you to NRMA Merimbula Beach Holiday Resort for making their laundry and drying facilities available free of charge and providing laundry powder saving us both time and money in getting the job done. Thanks also to Beach Cabins Merimbula (Short Point) for providing washing facilities without charge and Sleepdoctor at Pambula for the donation of new sheet sets.
               Completed packs and new pillows ready to distribute