The community of Wandella in the far north of our Shire suffered heavy losses in the recent fires. Their community hall was razed while the nearby BBQ shelter and services to the toilets were severely damaged. 
The Rotary Club of Merimbula answered a call from the Bega Valley Shire Council to repair the BBQ and restore service to the toilets ahead of Anzac Day so that the local community can conduct its annual Anzac Day service at the surviving Wall of Remembrance (if it is possible for them to do so given the current COVID-19 situation).  Materials have been ordered and the repair work scheduled for the end of this month.  Joy Masterson, a local who has been organising the Anzac Day service for years, was both surprised and excited that our club had come to the rescue by committing to pay for the materials and undertaking the work to allow the annual service to occur, something Joy believes will help the healing process for the local community following the bushfires.
Whether or not the Anzac Day Service goes ahead, the work will provide a much needed public facility for the local community whilst the community hall is rebuilt in what is, once again, an idyllic setting.
The remnants of the Wandella Hall and its water tank which supplied water to the surviving toilet block
The BBQ requires replacement of the poles, repair and re-setting of the roof structure and repair to the brickwork  
The Wall of Remembrance
Previous Anzac Day Service at the site