Fire damaged BBQ Shelter
Members of the Rotary Club of Merimbula travelled to Wandella 20-21 May to complete repairs to the structure of the community BBQ shelter which was damaged in the summer fires. 
The original shelter, built in 2002, was supported by ironbark posts which had been substantially burnt through causing the roof structure to move and partially collapse in one corner.  The restoration involved raising the collapsed corner and supporting the entire roof structure in place while parts of the roof frame were repaired and the old posts replaced with galvanised steel. 
The work, funded by the club, took place over 2 days with the structure now safe to occupy. 
Many thanks to local resident, Joy Masterson, for the delicious freshly baked cake she delivered to the crew for morning tea on day 2, this was greatly appreciated, with the extra calories spurring them all on to get the work finished. 
Excellent job, well done guys and thank you for all your hard work!
Work on the restoration begins 
 Out with the old
In with the new 
Roger – an old hand at this …
Shelter restoration complete   
The crew - Andy, Shane, Michael, Martyn, Bruce and Roger