Rotary Project to Assist family in need

SBS recently aired an episode of Struggle Street that featured the Zaric Family (Season 3, Episode 4). This episode is still available to view through SBS On Demand.

The Rotary Club of Merimbula together with other Clubs of Districts 9700 and 9710 are collaborating to provide assistance to the Zaric family, firstly by renovating their transportable home. A builder has already made an assessment of the project which has been costed at $38,000. This amount will ensure the cost of all materials/appliances needed will be met. Volunteers are being arranged to carry out the building, fitting and painting work.

Ricky and Peta live in Nangus, New South Wales (about 30km by road west of Gundagai). They have twins, Bree and Cody. Cody has some severe medical conditions requiring travel to Sydney and Canberra on a regular basis for ongoing treatment. His disease is Dent 1. This is very rare disease with only 250 people worldwide being diagnosed with Dent 1. His family is struggling financially and emotionally because of medical costs and travel costs. Complicating his disease is that Cody has a mutation of a gene called RANBP2. Medically they don’t know what this means for Cody because this particular mutation has not been seen before. Cody is a high risk of any infection which could cause encephalitis. 

They have not had a holiday since the birth of the twins five years ago. They are unable to use babysitters because of Cody's medical condition. Cody’s father Ricky has to travel away for work which puts another strain on the family.

They have a transportable home that they purchased but don't have the funds to fix it up. They are currently living in a "donger" on their property at Nangus. Ricky and Peta are under considerable stress and anxiety because of the financial burden on their family and continually worry about how they can afford basic items, let alone the ongoing medical treatment for Cody.

A $15,000 Rotary Grant has been secured through a Rotary Australia World Community Service (RAWCS) project but this money is only available on a dollar for dollar basis to match other donations.
Donations made to the RAWCS project 44-2019-20 established to assist the Zaric family are tax deductible through the Rotary Australia Benevolent Society (RABS) which is managed by RAWCS.
We are aiming to raise $25,000 through donations to ensure the work can be completed. Anything raised over and above that will firstly be put towards a much needed holiday for the Zaric family at the South Coast and then towards the ongoing medical costs for Cody. Please donate whatever you can at this link Zaric Family Donation. Your contribution will be a tax deductible contribution.

A receipt will be sent by return e:mail.

You can donate here: