45th AGFR – Golf Tournament 2023 – Tura Beach Country Club NSW 2548
By completing and submitting an entry form, each player agrees to the following conditions of play.
Bookings open on Friday 1 April 2022 and close on Sunday 5 February 2023.
Deposits not converted to Full Golf Fees by Close of Booking will be refunded and reservation cancelled.
Golfer may cancel Bookings and be refunded up to the Close of Booking.
Golfer or organizer may, due to unforeseen circumstances, cancel and refund Bookings after the Close of Booking.
To participate in an Australian Golfing Fellowship of Rotarians Tournament an entrant:
  • Shall be a member of an Australian Rotary Club and pay the AGFR annual Subscription
  • Be a person who accompanies a Rotarian or
  • Who was a member of the AGFR before resigning from Rotary
  • Rotarians who have an official Golf Australia Handicap or equivalent and have paid the AGFR Annual Subscription may compete for all Rotary Trophies
  • A Rotarian who resides outside Australia may compete in the Tournament but is not eligible for the Clem Renouf, Royce Abbey or the Victoria Trophy – This participant shall be classified as a Rotarian Guest.  A person who complies with the above and they or their Rotary partner is a financial member of the AGFR and has an official Australian Handicap or equivalent may compete for the Guest Trophies
  • Rotarians, sponsors, or other supporters of the Tournament who may not be members of a recognized golf club but are invited to play (at the discretion of the State Tournament Committee) will be incorporated in a separate concurrent event and will not be eligible for any Rotary Trophies
  • Individual entries will only be accepted from Rotarians and guests who are financial members of an affiliated Golf Club and who hold a current Australian golf handicap or equivalent
  • The maximum handicap for both Men and Women golfers will be 45.
  • Division 1 – Rotarian Golfer Handicap 0-15
  • Division 2 – Rotarian Golfer Handicap 16-23
  • Division 3 – Rotarian Golfer Handicap 24-45 (Men) 24-45 (Women)
  • Division 4 – Guest only Handicap 0-45 (Men) 0-45 (Women)
  • The minimum number of players in each Division of the Tournament shall be twelve (12). Should there be less than twelve entries in any of the Divisions, then the organizing Committee may arrange for players to be placed in another Division.
  • The organizing Committee will control all competitions, which will be run in accordance with the Rules of Golf (R&A), and the local rules of the Tura Beach Country Club. The organizing Committee reserves the right to alter the conditions for any event as may be deemed to be necessary. If a dispute arises on any point, it shall be decided by the organizing Committee, whose decisions shall be final.
Teams will be selected as follows:
  • All entrants will be listed in order of receipts and midpoint of handicaps determined, and participants paired, one from the upper half and one from the lower half
  • Paring will be from different Sates, different Rotary Districts, or different Rotary Clubs, in that order
  • All entrants will be drawn in the Teams Events
  • If there are an odd number of entries, the last entrant will be paired with the first entrant received from the other half of the draw and from a different State
  • Sir Clem Renouf:
    Rotarian Team with the best total stableford score.
  • Victorian:
    Rotarian team with the second best total stableford score.
  • Royce Abbey:
    AGFR Champion with handicap - Rotarian with best stableford score.
  • West Australian:
    AGFR Champion without handicap - Rotarian with best total stableford score -
  • South Australian:
    Division 1 Rotarian with best total stableford score.
  • Tasmanian:
    Division 2 Rotarian with best total stableford score.
  • Glenn Kinross:
  • Senior AGFR Champion with handicap - Rotarian aged 65 or over with best total stableford score.
  • Queensland:
    Division 1 Rotarian with second best total stableford score.
  • New South Wales:
    Division 2 Rotarian with second best total stableford score.
  • Northern Territory:
    Division 3 Rotarian with best total stableford score.
  • Australian Capital Territory:
    Division 3 Rotarian with second best total stableford score.
  • Guest Trophies:
    Individual winner and runner up, team winner and runner up.
  • Daily Trophies:
    First and second in each Division, plus ball rundown