Rotary in Australia & NZ Celebrating 100 years 1921 - 2021
Image taken by Kris from Karangsari Village, Jembrana Regency, Bali, Indonesia during the presentation
At our Club meeting held on 5 May, Kris gave a presentation, by video link, to update our members on the situation in her village, Jembrana Regency, Bali.   She spoke about the impact of COVID-19 on the local economy, the resultant unemployment and the relief the food packages, funded by our club, she had delivered to families in her home village had given.  It was obvious that Kris was very passionate about trying to help those in need and appreciative of the support of our club. 
The club has agreed to continue supporting Kris in her relief efforts.  She advised she would adopt a similar strategy, delivering staple foods to needy families.
She has already commenced enquiries to establish those who remain most in need, as some recipients of the first relief packages have now returned to work one or two days a week . The club has now provided another AUD1,000 and Kris expects to deliver further food packages within the next 2 weeks. 
Kris was so excited to receive the funds, she organised the distribution of the food packs to her hungry villagers immediately.  A lot of very happy faces all round - our members were delighted to have been able to help.
At a previous meeting, the Board (and general membership) approved the allocation of AUD1,000 to the provision of some food packs to residents of Karangsari Village, Jembrana Regency, Bali, Indonesia.  Karangsari is the home village of a young lady our Rotarians, Andy & Jenny, are sponsoring to undertake her Teaching degree at university.  Kris (her nickname) is going to arrange packs containing rice, oil, noodles and eggs for some families in her village who are struggling as a result of the coronavirus impact on tourism and employment.  She has done a PPT and included names of families she wants to help after consultation with the Village Chief.