Last November the Rotary Club of Merimbula collected donations of $2000 from our market wishing wells for the Rural Fire Service.  Rather than just pass this on directly, the RFS Merimbula Brigade was invited to nominate a piece of equipment our Rotary Club might be able to purchase for their use in helping protect our community and/or their members.   
The Brigade had a Ground Monitor on their wish list and thanks to a $10,000 allocation of funding by Merimbula Rotary, the Brigade were able to order this from the USA at a cost of $7,000, with the remainder of the money to be spent as the RFS decided what was needed. 
It arrived earlier this year but efforts to demonstrate the monitor to our members were initially stymied by the COVID-19 restrictions. Recently members of the NSW Rural Fire Service, Merimbula Brigade, staged a demonstration of their new Ground Monitor at Ford Park for members of our Club.  The monitor can be set up on the ground at a safer distance from fires, then deliver a significant amount of water in several patterns with the flow adjustable at the nozzle. It can also be carried if necessary.  The monitor is now one of only two in the Shire and, according to the RFS, will have many applications in bush, vehicle and building fires. Above all, members of the Brigade said the monitor provides them the means to attack or defend against dangerous fires more safely.
photos courtesy of  Merimbula News Weekly
Following the demonstration some members attended a supper at the station where a presentation was made to Station Captain, Alex Leonard, for his outstanding leadership during the extraordinarily busy fire season just passed.