Rotary Youth Personal Enrichment programme, this is a weekend camp for 14 -18 year old young people. Clubs identify young people from their local community who they think would benefit from this weekend. The weekend usually begins at lunch on a Friday and concludes after lunch on Sunday. It is a programme that covers a wide range of topics and is interactive. Subjects such as social media, managing finances, decision making, being a team player, mental health issues along with other topics. Their mobile phones have to be handed in at the beginning of the weekend. They are all expected to participate in every activity. Every participant is allocated to one of four teams. It is interesting to see how young people change over the weekend. Clubs usually cover the costs of the participants and arrange transport to and from the camp.
 Rotary Youth Leadership Awards is a week long programme designed for young people between 18 and 25 years old who have or exhibit leadership qualities. Clubs usually pay for the participant to attend. It is a live in programme for one week. RYLA has an excellent reputation for developing leaders with many businesses giving their staff member chosen the time off to attend and in some instances paying for their attendance. This programme covers a wide range of topics and includes a lot of group discussion as well as team exercises. Topics include, leadership skills, team work exercises, public speaking, decision making etc.