Terms and Conditions for stallholders (REDUCED FORMAT FROM DOC 001 REV M)
     1. SITES
The Market operates all year and varies seasonally from 80 to 150 sites. Central sites are 4m by 4m. Perimeter sites are 4m wide but deeper with space for parking. Some sites are powered. Stallholders’ vehicles are parked exclusively within the park boundary. Stallholders are limited to a maximum of 2 adjacent sites.
Bookings & Payments should be made online via: https://www.trybooking.com/CHLLE
Help & advice for booking & payment is available by phone 0429 855 623 or email merimbularotarymarket@gmail.com from the Market Manager.
Sites can only be selected & secured by booking online or paying cash in advance.
Stallholders may attend casually on Market Day & be allocated an available site. Sites are allocated at Rotary’s discretion.
Sites can be Booked OnLine from 1 June 2023 for any markets through till June 2024 as a block or as individual sessions.
Stall fees are:
  • $25 per standard 4m square site
  • extra $5 for stalls with parking
  • extra $5 for stalls with electricity
  • Early Bird tickets purchased before 16th July 2023 receive a $5 per site per month discount.
  • No discounts are offered for Cash payments.
  • Not For Profit Organisations are recognised and receive 100% discount of site fees.
  • The ‘Stall Holder Enabling Package’ at $5 enables a limited number of casual stallholders to attend the Market and receive Market Advice & Assistance and be included in our Complementary Public & Product Liability Insurance.
Stallholders pay $0.50 online ticket fee. Rotary covers bank card charges.
At the discretion of Rotary, fees may be changed with 30 days-notice.
Stallholders will be liable to pay for any Booked site unless:
  • Stallholder cancels up to 16 hours before Market Day to receive a 100% refund.
  • Stallholder is genuinely unable to attend the market.
  • The Market is Cancelled by Rotary Manager due to poor weather or other event.
Stallholders that have prepaid should apply to market manager for Credit or Refund.
Entry for stallholder from 06:30 am
Vehicles to be driven carefully at not more than 10 kph
Booked stalls are held until 07:30 am
Open to public from 08:00am to 12:30pm
Vehicles must be parked in designated stallholder parking areas.
NO vehicles are allowed in stall areas 08:00am to 12:30pm
All vehicles and stalls must be cleared from the site by 03:00pm as the gates will be locked closed. Overnight parking is prohibited at Ford Park.
Stallholders must have valid Public Liability Insurance. Policy details can be entered in the booking system and made available to the Market Manager on request. Stallholders operate at their own risk. Stallholder shall save, defend, indemnify, release, and hold harmless, Rotary, its Market Managers and Volunteers from any claim or charge howsoever arising or caused.
  1. FOOD
Food served to the public shall be wholesome, freshly prepared or cooked with the required skills and care.
Food vendors shall comply with BVSC Food Safety guidance which may be reviewed on: https://www.begavalley.nsw.gov.au/cp_themes/default/page.asp?p=DOC-CBU-38-23-04  BVSC Environmental Health Officer shall be notified of food vendors. All food containers, eating implements, tissues/napkins, straws, etc., shall comply with BVSC FOGO guidelines and practices, i.e., be made from paper, cardboard or wood. Stallholders producing food & drink & container waste must provide bins & remove rubbish.
Rotary establishes and operates the market within a defined structure and in compliance with the requirements of Licence. The Market Manager has single point responsibility for control and operation. The Market Manager is assisted by and delegates some operational matters to an Operational Manager & through Assistant Managers. Stallholders are to follow the directions of the respective Managers. The Market Manager reserves right of entry, continuance of Stallholder in the Market, preventing; sales of inappropriate goods or materials, abusive or poor behaviour and may cancel the market if events or weather risk safety of operation.
Rotary conducts the market in accordance with rules set by BVSC in the Development Consent and Licence to operate the Market.
Stallholder shall comply with Council's (BVSC’s) safety policy (embedded in the Market Licence), the Market Safety Plan and Notices, the Rules below and follow the directions of the Market Manager.
Rotary reserve right of entry to the Market and records stallholder contacts details. The rules are formal requirements. Special arrangements may be accommodated at Market Manager's discretion provided they do not adversely affect others or the operational safety of the market.
Stallholders shall act respectfully to others and be mindful of their actions and effects on others. Undue noise or loud music shall not be permitted. Dogs shall be leashed & under good control at all times, at the owners’ risk. Non-Compliant Stallholders will be required to cease trading and / or leave the site at the direction of the Market Manager without refund of fees. The Market is Smoke-Free Environment (Act 2000 & Reg 2016).
The Market may be cancelled due to inclement weather or other events that adversely affect public safety or enjoyment. Paid Fees for cancelled market shall be credited to Stallholder.
Stallholders shall comply with specific laws and codes:
  • Crown Lands Management Act 2016 including Sections 2.20 & 3.43.
  • National Food Safety Standards 3.2.2, 3.2.3, and meet requirements of Food Act 2003 and Food Regulations 2015.
  • All dogs - whether leashed or not - are prohibited within 10m of children’s play area and public food preparation & consumption areas.
  • No recreational animals are permitted at the Market.
  • No Livestock or pets shall be sold or promoted for sale in the Market.
  • Ensure Temporary Structures comply with BCA part H102.
  • Ensure inspection of amusements devices to Section 68 Local Government Act 1993 and NSW Work Health and Safety Regulations 2011.
  • Vehicles and trailers shall be roadworthy and correctly insured and licensed.
  • Local generators shall comply with Australian requirements at time of purchase and be located to minimise noise / fumes.
  • Ensure electrical installations comply with AS3000 and AS3002 including:
    • Electrical leads are tagged.
    • Cables are not trip hazards.
    • Electrical outlets are protected by RCDs.
    • Joints and connections are not accessible by public or exposed to damp conditions.
    • Distribution boards or adaptors are not permitted (except as permanently wired to Stallholder's vehicle / caravan).
Ford Park is a public area in a residential road. Stallholders shall minimise their intrusion on the peace and privacy of residents.
The grounds are managed by BVSC, and stallholders shall ensure their actions do not harm the environment or damage the grounds, plantings, or facilities of Ford Park.
Rotary is committed to safe operation as documented in the Market Organisation and Operating Procedures, Safety Notices and the COVID 19 Safety Plan. Stallholders use the site and the facilities of the market at their own risk. Vehicles shall be driven and manoeuvred in a cautious manner recognising the shared pedestrian access nature of the site, the proximity to personnel and often limited views from market vehicles with trailers etc. Stallholders are obligated to implement Safe Systems to manage safety risks according to Work Health and Safety Act and Regulations 2011, & NSW Government provisions to combat COVID 19 & be aware of their duty of care for their actions in a public environment.
These Terms and Conditions are inherently accepted by the Stallholder attending the Market. This document will be available for Stallholders to review on the website link https://rotaryclubofmerimbula.com.au/markets/ and is a checkpoint in the online booking system. Stallholders are required to acknowledge their acceptance of the Terms and Conditions on booking their site. Rotary is apolitical and the Market is not a platform to express or promote any particular views.